Friday, May 30, 2014

The Controversial Necklace

Matt and I keep arguing about this amber necklace.

Have you heard that some people think amber necklaces help teething babies? I only really started looking into it this spring, when I saw someone write about successfully using them on a mommy-blog. At the time, Silas was obviously in teething hell - constant drool, red chapped cheeks, and constant crying. I was open to trying anything to get him (and my exhausted self) some relief.

So I ordered a very pricey amber necklace, and stuck it on him and guess what - in two days, his skin was totally clear, the drool had all but stopped and he was waking up from sleep smiling instead of screaming. I was in shock. And I might have done a happy dance or two.

I excitedly told Matt about the magical properties of this necklace, and he of course started fact-checking it on the internet and the next day told me that the whole amber necklace thing was a wives tale. He said scientifically, it was impossible for them to soothe pain, and that Silas' miraculous recovery was just a coincidence. I felt kind of stupid, but was too afraid to take the necklace off of Silas since he was so happy and content, so we just left it on and moved on with our lives. Until...

...Oona started teething. So much drool. So much gnawing on hands. So much crying. Not enough sleeping, for her or me. I started hinting to Matt that maybe we should just try a necklace for Oona and he said that would be ok, but he said it with a look - a look that read: "I'm just agreeing to this to pacify you because you're cray-cray" which of course made me all angry and be-yotch-ay. But that's a story for another time...

So we came up with a rather scientific, great idea - we would take the necklace off of Silas and put it on Oona and see what happened.

So today is the second day after the switch-up and guess what - Oona slept through the night for the first time in many many many weeks AND Silas woke up this morning with the old bright red cheeks and extra drool.

I say "AH HAH!"

Matt shrugs and says "placebo effect."

(But he did insist I go ahead and order a second necklace, because placebo effect or no - that full night of sleep was goooood.) 

So I want to hear what you guys have to say. Anyone else have amber necklace stories to share? I'd love to hear your experiences!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Looooong Weekend

Matt drove to NY on Friday morning to pick up our dog, Django (Django's been staying with cousins in New England for over a year now, and now that we have our own place again we can get him back!) 

He won't get home until bedtime tonight. Tomorrow he has to rush out at the crack of dawn for music practice at church. I'm signed up to bring dinner to my sister's Bible study tomorrow night. Monday we're hosting a cook out for our small group at church. 

My teeth really, really hurt. 

Oona's ready-to-break-through-teeth hurt too, I think, because she cranked half the night away.

Alright, whining over. Olive, Silas and I took an evening stroll downtown earlier this week on a particularly beautiful day. We had a good time. Olive wanted to take pictures so I let her take charge of my phone. I love the pictures when her finger shows up in the corner.  

Friday, May 23, 2014

Welp...I've Really Done It Now.

Why am I posting this?? 

It's done. My crooked teeth are all wired up for the next 18 months. Oh God, 18 months?! 

24 hours after getting them on, how am I feeling?

Not only are they really ugly - they really hurt. Everything feels weird - talking, smiling and most of all: eating! 

I actually had the bright idea this morning that maybe I should go back in to the office today and have them take them off. I mean, I'm almost 28. I've been married for 7 years. I've had three kids. I did all that with my crooked teeth, my family still loves me with those crooked teeth - I mean, are the next painfully awkward 18 months of my life going to actually be worth it in the end? Is it too late to change my mind??

Matt just basically rolled his eyes at me and told me to toughen up and take my ibuprofen. 

I'm laughing now because those pictures and really this whole situation is pretty ridiculous. Oh dear dear dear...

Monday, May 19, 2014

Back To Windmill Island

Sick of tulip pictures yet? Hope not...

We went to Windmill Island this morning, because they have such a beautiful field of tulips. We want to enjoy them as much as possible before they're gone - they probably only have a week or so left. It was the first time we've been to the island this year, and it was nice to be back. 

We thought Silas was smelling the tulips, but he was actually kissing them haha.

Last year at the island, HERE.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Let's Take A Walk

This winter came very close to ruining my little love affair with west Michigan. Then, spring finally showed up, fashionably late of course. And *snap* just like that, I'm in love again. This little part of the country does springtime right. I'll take you on a little walk around our neighborhood with us to show you what I mean... 

^^ Strolling through the historic district...^^

^This is the school down the street from our house. We like to play on the playground in the evening.^

^^ My walking buddies...who prefer to not walk. Lazy bums. ^^

^^ Pink skies. ^^

^^ Now we're in Centennial Park. ^^

^^ So many tulips. ^^

^^ My favorite tree in town, in front of the library. ^^

Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Random, Rambling Post

^^ Cute little boats docked at the park. ^^

^^ Always dancing. ^^

^^ Sweet husband. ^^

^^ These two love to wrestle. Aaaand someone always ends up in tears. ^^

^^ Those chairs were the BEST Craigslist find ever! I have to stop myself from squealing each time I walk by them. ^^

^^ Can never get enough of the tulips. ^^

I am tired. But what else is new?

Last night we were out until almost 9PM cleaning at church with our small group. We cleaned every single surface of the nursery, (and I mean down to every single toy.) This morning I put off getting out of bed until I absolutely had to, with both my girls snuggled under the covers with me. It was nice.

Today I got spacers put in my teeth. They'll be in a for a week, and then next Thursday I'll get the actual braces put in. 18 months. It didn't sound like that long of a treatment time, but then I realized in 18 months Oona will be practically 2 years old! Finishing out my 20s with a mouth full of metal makes me wince a bit. I know it will be worth it, though. It's finally time. My crooked teeth have been such a major source of insecurity for me, through all my awkward teenage years and through all the major events life brought me in my twenties - college, wedding, babies... I've grown so accustomed to smiling with my mouth closed that to smile with my teeth showing feels totally unnatural. I am so grateful to finally have the opportunity to change that! 

Yoga. I recently jumped into a 6 week beginners series at the studio down the street from me and I love it. In just three weeks my body is moving easier, my mind is clearer and I'm sleeping better. Growing and birthing three babies changes everything, and I mean everything, but yoga is teaching me how wonderfully strong and adaptable our bodies are. My favorite part of class: the 10 minute meditation at the beginning where we work on calming our thoughts and emptying our minds. It has been so good for me. 

Olive and I are studying the gospel of Matthew together. It's such a precious time to me. I would like to say we do it every single day, but that doesn't always happen. We try to make the opportunities when Silas and Oona are napping (at the same time - hah, there's the rub!) count. She has so many questions. How DO you explain the trinity and baptism to a precocious 5 year old? She challenges me in good ways.

Matt had a meeting this morning and brought me back an iced coffee. I got halfway through it and had to go tend to the baby's diaper. Came back and iced coffee was missing. Seconds later I realize Silas is also missing (of course.) He was under the table chugging my unsweetened iced coffee like there was no tomorrow! Such a weirdo!

Oona is a roller. She seriously can (and will) roll across the room. She had her 4 month appointment yesterday and now weighs in at 17.2 lbs. All muscle. ;)

I have such a to do list. It starts at basic things that really need to be done (like laundry, and cleaning the bathroom,) to other things like, learn to weave and painting the office and hanging pictures up and reading an actual book again for the first time in I can't remember how long. I'll feel really accomplished if I get half of that laundry done before the weekend. The rest is going to have to wait. And I'm ok with that.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

18 / 52

Portraits of my children, once a week for a year.

Olive: Loving sand

Silas: Hating sand

Oona: Oblivious to sand

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Four Months

It's true. My littlest one is 4 months old now! Time, when you're a mom, passes in such a weird way. It seems like it's dragging in the moment, but you blink and suddenly realize it's flown by. 

Oona, at four months you are a chunky, squishy, absolutely delicious little thing. You are all smiles and coos unless you are hungry or sleepy. You are so strong! You love to roll over and have given me a shock on more than one occasion when I have found you've rolled halfway across the room! You are sitting in the bouncing play chair like a big girl, and love playing with the toys on it. You like to be tickled, cuddled, talked to and you REALLY love your big sister, Olive. You sleep through the night most of the time, but you hate to take naps during the day. You make trying to get any work done around here a real challenge! 

But I'll take hanging out with you over doing laundry any day!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Tulip Lane

The tulips are here! Our neighborhood is so colorful...

Grace agreed to be my model for the afternoon...

Spring, you can stick around as long as you like!